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Canada Car Insurance -
Is It Worth Shopping Around?


When it comes to Canada car insurance all Canadians are well aware of the fact that we MUST have auto insurance coverage. Each Province has their own "basic" or "minimum" car insurance coverage requirements and then we can add to that coverage based on our own individual needs.

That's a given.

What is sad though is that when it comes to car insurance many of us are paying much more than we should be. Why? Because we don't take the time to shop.

Why don't we shop ...

Let's face it, it's a hassle calling car insurance companies giving each one the same information over and over again. We'll call two "maybe" three insurance companies and then call it a day and go with the lesser of the quotes from the few calls we made.

In addition, the general consensus is when it comes to car insurance in Canada ALL insurance companies are equal and the same and that the current rate that people are paying is the same rate they will get elsewhere ... so what's the point of shopping.

In the past before the internet calling companies one by one would be a hassle. But, with the speed and ease of the internet you can get several auto insurance quote for Canada and compare their rates in a matter of minutes. Which alone makes things a lot easier.

However and more importantly, all car insurance companies are NOT created equal and nor do they all charge the same rate. In fact a study was done in Nov 2006 comparing car insurance premiums and found that, based on the same coverage. they varied by over $900.

I am sure you will agree that it is well worth the time and energy it takes to shop around for insurance quotes, click a button, get a comparison from several companies at once and keeping $900 in your pocket ...

Well let's just stop there and let me ask you ...

When it comes to Canada car insurance is it worth shopping around?

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