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Everyone wants to do their due diligence and get the best rate they can when it comes to Canada car insurance. The best way to ensure you are getting Canada's best car insurance deals is to become aware of thefactors that affect your car insurance premium in the first place, armed with that information you are one step closer in your quest.

Factors That Affect Canada's Best Car Insurance Deals ...

There are some factors you have control over and others you don't when it comes to getting the best car insurance, here are the ones you have no control over:

1. Age - stats show that drivers under 25 years of age are more apt to get into an accident that those older than 25. If you happen to be under 25 you have to bite the bullet and wait to get a break on your insurance premium.

2. Gender - stats show that women drivers are safer drivers than the guys are.

3. Marital Status - if you are married you are more apt to pay less for car insurance premiums than a single person with the same driving record. Obviously, the factors mentioned above are ones that are a little more or less beyond your total control, however, there are factors that can affect Canada's best car insurance deals and these are:

1. Your Driving Habits - this is HUGE and obivously an area where you have complete control. If you have an accident(s) or speeding tickets etc, you are at a much higher premium because you are considered a high risk driver. Classified as a high risk driver is something you need to accept responsibility for and understand that some insurance companies keep these tickets an accidents on your record for five years. You will start to see your car insurance premium go down only when you keep your record clean.

2. Where You Live - people lviing in areas where there is little or not traffic will see a lower auto insurance premium than those who live in the city, mainly because you are more likely to get into an accident if you live in high traffic areas. There are also some neighbourhoods that will see a higher car insurance premium because of the high incidents of auto theft.

3. Type of Vehicle You Drive - you work hard and one of the things we want most is the "car of our dreams," but that car can have an affect on the car insurance premium you pay.

There are other considerations as well when it comes to car insurance premiums and getting the best deals. Things like the distance you drive to work, if you don't take your car to work each day the you are less apt to end up in an accident. Whether you have taken a defensive driving course and your years of driving experience. One thing that is sometimes over-looked is how many anti-theft devices your vehicle has, which can give you a few bonus points when it comes to discounts.

All of these factors contribute to getting Canada's best car insurance deals, however, one main factor is to SHOP. Study's have shown that insurance companies can vary by as much as $900 based on the same type of coverage. Don't fall into the trap and call one, maybe two insurance companies and think you are getting the best car insurance premium. Take the time and do it right, get Canada Car Insurance Quotes Online and make sure you are getting Canada's best car insurance deals.

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