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Cheap Car Insurance in Canada - Does It Exist?

We are well aware that our cars need to be insured, in Canada it is the law. But, when it comes to car insurance in Canada, there are a great many of us who are paying way too much for the insurance we do have.

There are some who believe that all insurance companies work from the same rate sheet when it comes to comparing coverages and for those who believe that fall prey and pay way more than they should be.

Does cheap car insurance in Canada exist? We all have our definition of what cheap means but if you want to know if there are lower car insurance premiums out there? You bet! If you want to know how to get it for yourself, it takes ONE EASY STEP ... shop!

If you still aren't convince then follow a long here for a few minutes and afterwards I am sure you will start looking right away.

Back in November 2006, a study was done where 8000 visitors used the internet to get auto insurance online quote in Canada. Those 8000 visitors were provided with a car insurance rate from the top 10 insurance companines in Canada. The rate was based on each of those 8000 people having the same coverage in order to provide a proper comparison. The results of the study showed that insurance rates between the top 10 companies differed, on average, by over $900.

Does cheap car insurance in Canada exist? Hmmm, well perhaps not "cheap" but there is certainly a way to get cheaper than what you are paying already!

If this study doesn't do anything to sway you and make you shop your insurance premium then I am not sure what will!

The internet has opened up huge possibilities for us when it comes to increasing our knowledge and yes even being able to shop rates for ANYTHING, car insurance is not the exception. In just a few minutes you have access to quotes from the top auto insurance companies in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, anywhere you are in Canada. Take the time and shop your rates, I am sure you will agree with me that the difference of $900 between companies is certainly worth the effort. Surf for a Canada car insurance online quote and see for yourself if cheap car insurance in Canada exists!


Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many people are paying way too much for car insurance, check and make sure you aren't one of them, Canada car insurance online quote

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