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Extended Automobile Warranties -
5 Benefits To Having One


Extended automobile warranties enables you to lengthen the warranties that come with your vehicle from the manufacturer, or, in the case of a used car you can improve on the warranty that is offered by the dealership.

Adding extended vehicle warranties is one of those things we play with, you never really appreciate the value of having one unless of course you have had to rely on it and then realise just how much you are protected. If you have bought them in the past and were fortunate enough not to have to rely on it, then your thought process later is "I didn't use the one I had for my last car, so no I won't do it this time."

Here are 5 benefits to adding extended automobile warranties

1. Parts and Labour Coverage:

You receive "genuine" factory replacement parts (not refurbished) AND your mechanic. Most extended vehicle warranties in the past covered your labour but not the parts.

2. Protects from Unplanned Repair Expenses:

Many of us finance to pay for our new vehicles and typically finance for longer terms to keep our payments down which means we are planning on keeping this car for a long time. The one question that you really need to keep in the forefront is this "how and where would I get the money to pay for a $2500 repair bill, if it were to happen?" Having extended automobile warranties in place means that you have peace of mind.

3. Unlimited Claims Allowed:

No matter how many times or how much the repair bill is, you are covered for unlimited repairs. Extended automobile warranties have no limit as to how many times a car can go in and be repaired and there is no limited on the amount of money it covers.

4. Fully Transferable:

If you decide to sell your car the remaining balance of your extended vehicle warranties can be transferred to the new owner. This certainly makes selling your car attractive to the potential buyer, now they are getting a used car with warranty.

5. Can't be Cancelled:

Again, regardless of the amount of claims and the total dollar amount of them, your extended vehicle warranties can not be cancelled, NOR can the premium be raised.

Parts and labour continues to rise, your extended automobile warranties offer you protection from those rising costs and keeps the money where it belongs, in your pocket. Cars are very well built today, however, with new technology there is a greater chance of new repairs. Vehicles breakdown, it happens, however you have the option of being able to protect yourself from the rising cost of vehicle repairs with extended vehicle warranties.

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