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Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Automobile Insurance Fraud

As a driver you must be aware that anything can happen on the road. However, when the unexpected happens, automobile insurance protects you. Automobile insurance comes to your rescue, in case you have met with an accident, or your car is stolen or vandalized. Thus, automobile insurance provides you with security and protects you from serious financial losses that may result from such accidents. However there are many auto insurance companies that may cheat you. If you are not vigilant then you may be duped.

Here are a few tips how you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

1. Plan in advance: Plan from before what type of coverage you want. Decide what you can afford to pay as deductibles. Only after you have made these decisions should you move towards a policy purchase.

2. Make a comparison: Make an automobile insurance comparison of multiple companies. When you will compare their quotes you will automatically get to know which one is more affordable. After the rate comparison, you can immediately narrow down the choices that you have. This way no one can dupe you into buying a policy where you have to pay a lot.

3. Never pay cash: Try and pay all your premiums via checks and not cash. This will ensure that you have proof of all the payments that you made.

4. Investigate about the company: You must investigate the whereabouts of the insurance company and the agent. If you are buying the policy from an unlicensed agent, then you must know that you are not very protected. To verify an agent's license number call your state insurance commissioner’s office. Do not share any personal information unless you are through with your investigation.

5. Take a second opinion: To make sure that you are getting the coverage that you selected, review the coverage thoroughly. Get a second opinion if required but make sure that you get what you asked for.

6. Do not entertain unsolicited offers: If you get calls from any stranger after an automobile accident, who offers to give you “quick cash”, do not fall for the trap. There are high chances that he or she is trying to cheat you.

7. Check all the associated bills: You must check and ask for all the bills related to services associated with your automobile insurance policy. If required double check to see that you have actually received all the services that have been listed.



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