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Benefits of Car Paint Protection

If you have bought a new car and are the kind of person who hangs onto their vehicles for a while, you may want to consider paint protection. New car paint protection is a liquid cheminal containing either teflon, polymer or silcone and when applied protects the painted finish of your new car with a tough durable coating. The paint protection is applied to all visable painted surgaces of your car much the same way as waxing, however, the difference between the two is that waxing doesn't protect your paint. It lasts for 2 or maybe 3 months and makes the paint look shiny but needs to be reapplied and of course your car wax doesn't provide you with any form of warranty.

Here are a few more benefits to purchasing new car paint protection for your new vehicle:

1. Protects your vehicle paint from:

acid rain - airborne pollutants fall down and attach your vehicle's paint

UV rays - burns through the clearcoat paint over time. Paint protection creates a reflective surfact that deflects damaging rays

hazing - when the paint loses its lustre and looks cloudy. Paint protection keeps paint looking glossy

tar and road oil - in summer heat tar and road oil stick to car tires and get thrown up on the underbody

bird droppings - acid content of bird droppings burns vehicle paint

leaf stains - during the fall leaves can leave permanent stains that look like the outline of the leaf

tree sap - acid in the tree sap burns the vehicle paint

road salt - causes corrosion and is a huge problem for cars especially in Ontario

2. Slows the spread of rust and corrosion

Corrosion forms when surface scratches and blisters in the pain allow water to penetrate. With the extra layer that new car paint protection provides the corrosion process is slowed.

3. Provides a Warranty

Unike store bought waxes, the paint protection you get through your car dealership provides you with a guarantee usually for five years with unlimited kilometers. Paint protection varies between dealership suppliers.

4. Adds to resale value of your car

When you decide to sell your car or even use it as a trade-in, when the paint looks good people will pay more money for a used vehicle.

5. Can be included in your payment

You have the option of either paying for the new car paint protection in a lump sum, or you can weave the cost into your car payments.

With our weather conditions and the fact, especially in Ontario, that road salt is still used on our roads during the winter, it makes sense to add a new car paint protection to your vehicle.


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