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New To Canada? What You Should Know About A Car Insurance Quote for a New Driver

If you are new to Canada and are planning on owning a car, you must have proper car insurance. Here are some things you'll need so that you can find out about getting a car insurance quote for a new driver to Canada.

1. Previous Insurance

If you are able to, get a letter from the company who insured you where you use to live. Ensure it is the original copy on company letterhead. Some insurance companies may consider your past insurance experience when they look at the premiums. The more experience you have the lower your rate could be. Keep in mind though that insurance companies are not obligated to accept your letter as proof.

2. Valid License

When you are looking to get Canada car insurance, keep in mind that many insurance companies won't provide you with coverage if you have an international license. You have to get your Canadian driver's license before you start shopping for a car insurance quote in Canada.

3. Due Diligence - Shop Your Rates

If you are moving to BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba insurance is provided by government agencies. Other provinces there are auto insurance companies which will provide yu with new driver car insurance quotes. The best thing to do is SHOP. Insurance companies do not follow the same rate policies, so check rates and compare!

You can compare rates online. Make sure to get a Canada car insurance online quote

If you are moving to BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba here are a few sites to help you out as well!

British Columbia:



4. Insurance Credibility

Even though you may have been driving for some time in your country and your record is spotless, most insurance companies will base their premiums on a new driver car insurance rate. If you are from the US however, there may be an exception to the rule because the driving conditions across the border are similar to what we have in Canada.

5. Paying for Your Auto Insurance

Once you have received a car insurance quote for a new driver and have made your choice, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to process your auto insurance once you have made a choice. In addition, understand as well that you may be required to pay your premiums upfront or a deposit may be required.

6. Carry Documentation With You

You will receive your insurance slip in the mail. Once you have received it, make sure you keep it with you. You will be required to show proof of insurance when asked by a police officer and can face a fine if you don't have it on you.

If you are moving to Canada ... Welcome! You will need car insurance if you plan on owning/leasing a vehicle and therefore take some time and get a car insurance quote for a new driver. Remember to SHOP your rates!

Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Learn more ways on how you can save on your Canada car insurance. Car insurance premiums differ by $900, are you getting the best car insurance premium? Make sure get a Canada car insurance online quote



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